Telemarketing Contract Agreement

It is thus specified that the telesar representative is responsible to the company for any losses/costs that may be incurred in the event of negligence or infringement of the representative of the telesal. It is very broad and, in practice, it is unlikely that a court would order the recovery of “indirect” losses (such as reputational damage) or losses that affect the particular nature of the business, which the telesale representative would not have been aware of. Finally, the penultimate paragraph specifies that the relationship between the parties is governed only by the agreement. This is important to avoid any risk of confusion. Paragraph 6 below specifies that the television agent is tax-independent and for NI purposes and that the TELEVISION representative is liable for any liabilities or costs to which the company is exposed if HMR-C challenges this status. In practice, a company risks being punished if a self-employed person is called into question if it is not proven that it is a so-called independent contractor to conceal what was in fact an employment contract. This short agreement, by letter, for the appointment of a telesar representative is drafted in the interest of the company. What matters is the relationship between the parties: the representative of Telesales is an independent contractor or an independent representative of the company as opposed to an employee. In addition, there is no main agency relationship, so the Telesales representative does not have the power to legally hire him and the company will not be responsible for the actions of its representative. In order to ensure that third parties (for example. B objectives) do not expect the representative to be a staff member or an assistant, it is necessary to ensure, when drafting the pitch, that the relations between the parties are clear to all. In order to ensure that the company can have confidence in the compliance of the obligations under this contract by the telesales representative, it is prohibited from delegating or delegating its obligations to third parties. 1.7 This prohibits the Telesales employee from selling other goods and services to affected individuals.

Any restriction on the right of a tele-employee to sell various goods and services for non-target purposes cannot be imposed, but it is not unreasonable to prevent the Telesales employee from representing a competitor of the company as long as that agreement exists. The optional text (in italics) could be added to prevent the individual form from working for a competitor for a period after the end of the contract. Outsourcing is often cheaper. You can relocate an hourly rate. Or twice, monthly and annual contracts are all other popular contractual terms. The term you choose depends on the size of your business and your company`s goals. Telemarketing contracts are an important part of the business when you are telemarketing. Read 3 min You can get excellent results from working with a reliable and reliable telemarketing company. Often, these outsourcing companies provide better results than hiring staff for your telemarketing.