Agreement On Succession Issues Yugoslavia

In the case of the former Yugoslavia, did Republika Srpska participate in the process of succession of territorial assets? 45 Degan, supra note 1, at 192. For an analysis of the role of arbitration in follow-up negotiations and the legal value of the Commission`s opinions, see trifkovic, see 9, in 201-03. All the successor states have bilateral social security agreements and have settled the pension issue. The Standing Joint Committee of HR oversees the effective implementation of the agreement on the issues that follow. The High Representative of the Republic of Slovenia on succession issues plays a leading role in harmonizing, training and presenting Slovenia`s positions in this area. 27 On the role of equity in subsequent negotiations, see Stanié, note 1, 772. The principle of justice is considered in particular to be a customary right by the four republics that succeed it. 73 While Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina actively supported the parallel regime of succession and war damage, Slovenia and Macedonia wanted to separate these issues. The Economic Affairs Working Group of the Conference on Yugoslavia considered the creation of a special subgroup on the damage of war, but ultimately failed to materialize.

Degan, supra note 1, to 173. An analysis of this issue can be contained in subsequent negotiations in Trifkovic, above in Note 9, at 189. (2) The agreement of the five delegations on the above allocation is based on the agreements reached during the sessions of 21 and 23 February and 9/10 April 2001 and does not prejudice any agreements on the allocation of other assets. During the dissolution of Yugoslavia, the sub-state units of Republika Srpska, the Republic of Krajina and the Bosnian Federation tried unsuccessfully to participate in public forums and diplomatic conferences dealing with matters of state succession. 15 Malcolm N. Shaw, International Law 700 (1997); See also Opinion 14, p. 8, 1593, paragraph 1 (considering that “the first principle applicable to state succession is that successor states must consult and agree on the regulation of all succession-related matters”)