What Events Led Directly To The 1973 Cease-Fire Agreement Check All Of The Boxes That Apply

Troops in Vietnam in several stages, from a peak of 549,000 in 1969 to 69,000 in 1972. During the same period, however, North Vietnamese leaders launched several offensives that tested the president`s resolve and cast doubt on his Vietnamization strategy. In his final report before leaving office this month, Laird said the Vietnamization process is over: “Due to the success of the military aspects of Vietnamization, I believe that the South Vietnamese people today are fully capable of ensuring their own security in the country against the North Vietnamese.” Operation Rolling Thunder was the code name for an American bombing campaign during the Vietnam War. U.S. military aircraft attacked targets throughout North Vietnam from March 1965 to October 1968. This massive bombing was intended to put military pressure on North Vietnam. Read More as President Richard M. Nixon took office in January 1969 in the United States. .