Homestay Lease Agreement

All proposals from our office are exclusively intended for the tenant and treated confidentially. It is therefore not permitted to disclose the information it contains to third parties. However, if this is the case and the third party concludes, on the basis of this information, a contractual agreement with the owner/owner of the aforementioned property, we reserve the right to claim compensation equal to the sum of the commission that would have been granted to us if the interested tenant had signed the initial contract that our office obtained with the owner/owner of the property in question. The same applies when the interested tenant concludes a contract with the owner/owner for a property other than that purchased by our office. The potential tenant must justify a lesser prejudice. Welcome to the Australian Homestay Network. We are Australian Homestay Network Pty Ltd (ACN 124 610 313) (AHN). We manage the network; Hosts connect with guests; and provide first-rate administrative and support services to hosts, guests and other parties to international host families. We do not charge commission or other purchase fees for real estate rented through our agency. In special cases, we also rent holiday apartments. Insofar as we rent an apartment or other property for a natural person who is not considered a consumer within the meaning of Article 13 of the Civil Code, we are entitled to request a commission from the tenant.

This committee is usually already included in our proposal. We charge this commission separately only for long-term rents by individual appointment. On behalf of an interested tenant, we may also calculate a commission if we have been invited by a landlord or other authorized person to do so. We offer the properties on our homepage, by e-mail, fax or by any other means of telecommunications, including telephone. If an oral or written rental agreement between a tenant and an owner/owner, after making our proposal and on the basis of this proposal, we are informed immediately, but not more than 3 days after the conclusion of this agreement. The same applies when a different but comparable contractual agreement is concluded on the basis of our initial proposal, for example.B. for another period, shorter or longer, or for a property of the same owner that is not the property initially offered. We are informed of the duration of the rental and the rental price. We have the right to request a review to that effect.

Yes, it is possible if the reservation is for an extended stay. Some hosts require you to sign contracts or rental agreements before check-in. Boarding or homestay is if you rent a room in a house and live with the owners. This is a private agreement between you and the landlord which is not covered by the Residential Tenancies Act 1997. You will find information about your rights in a private agreement in our contracts section….