Express Agreement And Disagreement Exercises

The appropriate phrase for the sentence above is . Yes I know. Here is a whole series of expressions to remember. But if you look at them more closely, many are quite similar and express only small details or nuances. If you get used to the use, you`ll learn which one to use, depending on who you`re chatting with and what language (or recording) you need to use. Finally, it becomes very simple. There are also many derived and similar expressions: the notes are great, but the exercises have some grammatical errors. We may have to express our consent or refusal of an individual`s action or attitude. So, it`s better to do it well! Dear Grade XII Students: Here is the summary of consent and refusal in the previous discussion. To express consent or refusal, you can use the following expressions: Finish the following dialog box with your own opinion using the expressions below. Want another piece of chocolate cake? –. (Accept.) It`s true.

(False) TO AGREE WITH SOMEONE. Be careful! AGREE should not be created with BE as a tool!). 4) Alex: What is your opinion on the idol singing contest these days? 1. He doesn`t speak English. –. (Okay.) It`s true. (False). 6. Odi: I think English is a very difficult language to learn. You agree to give your consent….